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Direct Mail is Still Delicious

By Allegra - Sandy Springs

We aren’t the first ones to say this, but let’s finally put to bed the rumor that direct mail is unwanted and unwelcome. Far from it, in fact, as recent stats show. Direct mail continues to resonate with both business and consumer prospects, consistently generating solid response and respectable ROI.

According to a leading marketing research survey, six out of 10 consumers enjoy reading direct mail promoting new products, and direct mail is preferred over email across key business verticals. (Source: Epsilon Targeting, “Consumers Channel Preference Study,” 2012.)

“We’ve heard all the news out there, that direct mail has lost its punch. That just doesn’t hold up when you look at what consumers are actually telling us,” says Jessica Eng, Allegra Network Vice President of Marketing.

Let’s qualify that statement a bit: GOOD direct mail – carefully written, creatively designed and personalized to be highly relevant – consistently generates a solid response and respectable ROI.

So what makes a good direct mail piece? Let’s look at three things:

  1. Relevance. With the ability to hone in on your specific target audience, whether geographically or demographically, direct mail can now be delivered to the people who need and want what you offer. But, you have to do your homework to know who you need to find.
  2. Quality. Your direct mail piece is a direct reflection on your company’s brand. Compelling copy and striking design say volumes about what to expect from you as a company.
  3. Personalization. Technology now allows marketers to deliver highly personalized pieces, using variable data, personalized landing pages and immediate follow-up, making each direct mail piece an opportunity for one- to-one marketing.

Tonight when you get home and sort through your mail, think this over and see if you agree. We’d love to hear your thoughts on direct mail in today’s marketing environment.